These 'Harlequin' tomatoes are new to Thompson & Morgan this year on the front of their catalogue. They were most definitely the earliest of at least 8 varieties planted this year, and therefore I have had a continuous supply of ripe tomatoes since June this year. A good succession. I have found them however, to have a rather thick skin and most were about the size of a grape - owing to the hot weather this year. I will grow them because they are an early variety in future - they are also quite attractive, but will stick to Sungold next year.

By the way, I read that a good way to preserve tomato seeds is to squeeze the pips out with the water and bits, into an egg cup and leave it on a kitchen windowsill for about 3 or 4 days - it might even go a bit mouldy, but never mind. The reason is to break down the sticky stuff surrounding the seed, it is then easier to wash off in a sieve and dry. I have done this already with good results. Anyone want some free seeds? Posted by Picasa