Chili "Numex Twilight"

I am growing 2 varieties of chilli for Gardeners World chilli trial this year. "Numex Twilight" seems to be an attractive ornamental variety in a range of colours, might be good as a house plant. The others I have are "Joes Long" which seem to be a bit behind the ones at the Wisley trials field which are up to 12" long!

Today I mixed a big bag of lawn mowings with a big bag of steaming fresh horse manure. Water generously, cover with a few layers of carpet, light the blue touch paper and stand well back!

Have some little hardy lettuce seedlings in the greenhouse - I wonder how hardy they are? trying Valdor, and a variety I recently bought in northern Norway called "Americanische Braun" (American Brown?) they seem to be a cos shaped green and red leaf. Awaits. Posted by Picasa