On the Ninth day of Christmas ..

On the Ninth Day of Christmas my allotment gave to me .. Nine Morris Dancing!

Oh gosh! I'm really struggling for rhymes! As I have lots of blog readers all over the world I thought I would introduce you to an ancient English tradition - that of Morris Dancing. A 'side' of Morris men get together during the English Summer (usually outside the local pub) and dance old traditional English dances. One member of the side traditionally has a dried inflated balloon made of a pig's bladder (you with me so far?) and he acts 'the fool'. After dancing (with bells on their legs) they retire inside the pub where they sing bawdy old English folk songs. The more beer you buy them ... er.. the more traditional the songs become. Pictured here are the Ampthill Morris men from Bedfordshire, dancing last year outside their local pub. Cheers boys!