The Pecking Order

I've been out clearing up more space for Spring plantings today. There were a few small Mussleburgh leeks which had overwintered extremely well. You may remember that last year I tried the Bulgarian Giant Leeks? I won't bother with those again, although spectacularly long, they had no taste at all and they were not hardy. At the first sign of frost they bent over and went soft. I tied up a couple of CDs in my plum tree this morning. This time last year a gang of blue tits came down and ate all the blossom and buds from this tree. I hope that a flash of sunlight from these danglers will keep them away.
Good Friday is the traditional day to plant your seed potatoes, but I managed a week early here. One row of Rocket first early, and half a row of Charlotte and Vitelotte (purple) potatoes.
We welcome two new additions to the family. DaVikka has purchased two new point of lay hens from Cotswold Chickens yesterday. This one is a hybrid Sussex Star hen.
The other one is a hybrid Black Star hen. You can see below that she has had the top of her comb pecked off a little. Some inevitable squabbles between the four ladies as the permanent residents Tikka and Korma sort out the pecking order in the hen coop.
These two lovelies are as yet un-named. Can any one make some suggestions that I might forward to DaVikka?