Exotic Produce!

I was driving through Southall in West London a couple of days ago when I noticed a new Asian market had opened in an abandoned warehouse. The main street of Southall is well known for its colourful open air fruit and vegetable markets selling all manner of exotic produce. This was well worth a quick detour. From the well known produce at rock bottom prices, garlic, ginger, chilli....
To these 'yard long beans' . You might remember that I tried to grow these unsuccessfully last year. The British climate is just too cool, despite what the seed company told me.
Many local companies now exist to import fresh fruit an vegetables from other countries and so familiar vegetables from India, Pakistan, and the far East are available in London.
Strange fresh pods, little green fruit, and unidentified green leaves were displayed here. I would just love a culinary tour from someone in the know!
I was fascinated to see 'Jaggery' on sale here - this is unrefined cane sugar.
You could even buy it in 20lb blocks with hessian wrapping! The whole supermarket was an Aladdin's Cave of exotic ingredients. I might go back to spend a leisurely afternoon browsing the shelves!