I have just finished a gruelling week of nights. This time of year there is not enough daylight, so I made the most of a fine Winter morning yesterday and I got down and dirty! Over the latter part of the Summer I had been layering and turning my compost heap with bags of hot horse manure and fresh green grass clippings. Yesterday I took off all the coverings of carpet and found about a ton of wonderful, wonderful MULCH!

Tipped barrowloads over the bare soil and forked it over - let my worm friends do the rest, and a happy new year to them too!

Dug up my last 3 parsnips yesterday as well, had them mashed with a haggis for dinner. I seem to be doing well with my quest to fill the hungry gap. I am still looking forward to digging up some Jerusalem artichokes in the next couple of days. I will have to wait until I have a few days off work though, because Jerusalem artichokes make me FART FOR ENGLAND! Apologies to any readers of a delicate nature, anyone that knows me will shudder at the thought. So it's out with the charcoal lined gas mask then......