What shall I grow this year?

Looking through my wonderful collection of seed catalogues fills me with anticipation and excitement for the coming year. I have been a creature of habit for the most part of my gardening life, I would always grow the same variety every year because that is what I grow...

There have been fantastic advances in plant breeding and genetics over the past years, it is worth trying something new, but the problem is that if it doesn't work out you have to wait a year before you can go back to your old variety. I only have a small patch so space is at a premium.

At the moment, I am looking at growing Queensland Blue pumpkins, lovely dry sweet texture.
I have been in love with Epicure early potatoes for many years - cannot recommend them too highly. I tried Nicola last year, they were very good and had the best drought resistance. Sweet potatoes were a successful debut for me last year, I need the space though , so I won't be growing again this year. Physallis are easy to grow and delicious. Tomatillo are also easy.

Can anyone recommend anything unusual?