Saving Seeds

This year more than ever, I have been remembering to make the effort to save my own seed for next year. I set aside two plants from my beautiful crimson flowered broad beans, and left them to go to seed. Now I have a couple of hundred seeds and I'd love to share some.
Just look at the difference in my beautiful Rouge vif D'Etamps pumpkins! Just a couple of days after I had publicly complained about their progress.. they started making an effort. Well done boys! keep it up. I gently turned them over and stood them upright so that their beautiful squat shape will not be spoiled. They should ripen to a lovely ginger colour.
Courgettes are in full flood at the moment. Pictured here along with the green Defender courgette are some of my yellow straightneck squash from the USA. I have a relation who was born and brought up in Alabama and she used to make 'yellow squash pie' - I feel duty bound to keep up the family tradition.
I lifted my shallots Pikant a couple of days ago when they were still nice and dry. I have left them to dry completely in a shed and will tidy them up in a few days. Not particularly big, but very sound and there are loads of them!
Another of my beautiful beefsteak tomato Country Taste was ready today. They are so delicious I like to eat them with nothing on..... ooooh Matron!
Finally, another interesting cloud over the sky in Hillingdon today. I think this one is known as a Mackerel Sky but is really Cirrocumulus undulatus if you're interested you could always visit the Cloud Appreciation Society and have a look at their stunning photos.