Autumn Colours

It struk me today when I was looking at my recent pickings, what a wonderful array of colours I have in my harvest. It is always a healthy thing to eat your way round different coloured foods, so I should be bursting with health if this photo is anything to go by! Then I had another look round my patch to see any other bursts of colour..
These bright Lemon tomatoes are just starting to ripen, what a vibrant lemon yellow!
One by one my Scotch Bonnet chillis are turning colour.
and these San Marzano plum tomatoes are an amazing colour too!
And as it happens, yesterday I sat chopping some of my Summer veggies to make piccalilli. After salting them in brine overnight...
and with the addition of fresh turmeric, ginger and English mustard - I will be looking forward to tasting this new, colourful batch of Summer pickle!