Getting Started!

I went out this weekend and bought a few more seed potatoes. I was looking for a late maincrop when I came across this variety I had never heard of before. Has anyone tried 'Peachbloom' potatoes? Thought I'd give it a go.
I couldn't resist 'Red Duke of York' a stunning colour and a wonderful flavour too.
We've had a couple of relatively warm days recently. My Rhubarb has started to get going. You can see on the compost around them I have been sprinkling wood ash. This time of year you can give your fruit bushes and trees a boost of potash by using the ash from any wood fires you have had. Wood ash only.
I cleaned up my strawberry patch too, sprinkling some more wood ash around the plants and getting rid of old leaves. I dug up this crown and potted it up in the greenhouse. I look forward to an early crop of strawberries a few weeks before the others.
Also in the greenhouse I used an old overwintered growbag to sow a few radish seeds. I should have a small crop of French Breakfast radish in a few weeks. This brings back memories for me, it was the first veggie that my Dad gave me to grow on his allotment when I was very small. I suspect many of you grew radishes at that age too?
I decided to start off some of my tomatoes in a heated propagator too. Varieties here are Black Cherry, Sungella, Sungold, Cherokee Purple and a wonderful Golden Jubilee tomato.
Broad beans Aquadulce Claudia are almost ready to be planted out. The weather will be warm this week, I might just do that.
Still plenty of Cavalo Nero, or Tuscan Black Kale. A true stalwart this time of year.
And speaking of Jubilee tomatoes. As I was sowing a few seeds I noticed that I have far more seeds than I could ever use, so I thought I would give them away. Seeing as we are celebrating a Diamond Jubilee this year in the UK, does anyone want a few seeds to plant? These are a late maturing, golden beefsteak tomato with fantastic flavour. Drop me an email with your address and I'll send you a few.