I was in a bit of a dilemma at the end of the Summer as to whether to pick my crabapples or not. Well, my heart leapt this afternoon when my decision to leave them over Winter was vindicated.
I couldn't quite make out who this garden visitor was, a bit thrush like, but with more grey and more brown.. so a few clicks on google image told me it was a Fieldfare. Usually lives in fields (does exactly what is says on the tin) but when the fields are covered in snow it travels to suburban gardens where it eats berries and fallen apples.
Well that is exactly what it was doing in my garden. One in the crab apple tree, and another under the Bramley apple tree eating windfalls. Just click in the centre of each of these pictures and it will expand to give you a better view of this Winter beauty. Who needs crabapple jelly anyway!