Picking Chickens!

 The time came today when my Sister was ready for delivery of some more chickens. We made our way out to Oxfordshire, to Cotswold Chickens just outside Banbury (where the cakes come from)
 Introducing Chicken Bhaji,
 Chicken Bhuna
and Chicken Balti..
Here they all are exploring Peckingham Palace (near Cricklewood!) These are all Bovans Goldline hens. A hybrid between Rhode Island Red and a Sussex Light. Very docile and highly productive.

Well, I just had to stop on the way back to buy some Banbury Cakes.  Actually they are quite similar to Eccles cakes... except they were made in Banbury and not Eccles.... Simples!!
And couldn't resist another snap of my Giant pumpkin.. climbing out of its pot and ready to be planted outside in the big wide world!