Thursday is "T" Day..

 This is it! my first ripe tomato!
 This is my first Sungold tomato grown in a pot on the patio outdoors. Even the ones pampered in the greenhouse aren't this far ahead!
This is a momentous day in any veggie gardeners' calendar. Six long months without tasty toms are finally over!

And another new arrival on Matron's allotment this week are these strawberry runners. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard of this brand new, improved variety of strawberry. It is very high yielding, it has high resistance to powdery mildew, it has an excellent flavour, what's more it is a perpetual variety which means it produces fruit continuously from July through to October.  As if that wasn't amazing enough.. the name?   is BUDDY!  Bless the old fella! he would have loved them!