Pheromone traps

Well, not just veggies-only; I have a few fruit trees and bushes too. Gooseberry "Invicta" has many marble sized fruit which will probably be ready to pick while I am away on holiday - doesn't that always happen? Loganberries are going crazy - hundreds of them all set from flowers and looking good. Amazing really as I only planted a new plant last Spring and it has just taken off. In fact all fruit bushes and trees look good so far. Awaits the June drop.

Last week I purchased a plum moth pheromone trap - to avoid those little maggots inside plums. Hung it up in a little plastic tent thingy, and placed a sticky tray inside, along with a pheromone capsule which gives off the pheromone of a female codling moth.... Mr moth goes towards it and inside thinking he is going to get lucky.... and sticks to the card. There are already about 20 dead moths inside. The pheromone plug is supposed to last 6 weeks when you open the next capsule and replace it with a fresh one. Those poor little sex-starved males... sounds familiar..

This Winter I planted two family fruit trees. Two year old trees with 3 different varieties grafted on to each. All looking good, lots of blossom set and loads of fruit growing. Sadly with a small tree, all the fruit has to be knocked off as it puts too much strain on the little chap trying to adjust to its new home. Nevertheless, I have cheated and allowed one apple to grow on each variety.