First Frost of the Season

The first frost of the Autumn was last Thursday 2nd November. As expected the sweet potato foliage died back almost completely. I have been thrilled with the crop this year. They were of the variety "Beauregard" from Thompson & Morgan. they really do need at least 4 months to produce a decent crop. The difference between the ones I dug up a month ago and this week is quite marked. Hope to get some pics in the next couple of days.

Still harvesting late Autumn raspberries this morning. None left now but have had half a dozen this week. Green peppers are still going OK in the greenhouse - will leave them as long as possible with a little help from a heated propagator as I beleive they will last through Winter if kept warm enough. Picked my last Chilli "Joes Long" today. They are spectacular - very decorative. Have brought them all indoors now to dry off over a radiator for a while.

My Norwegian lettuce is hardy!!!! Despite 3 nights of frost the leaves are untouched and still delicious. Look like they are going to seed now, the stalk is about 3ft tall now. Tasty elongated soft salad leaves. More in the greenhouse coming along.