Eating Dandelion Leaves!

I've been gadding about all over the place over the last few days! Earlier this week I took a day-trip to France to do some supermarket shopping. I just love the variety and quality of the products on display there, and not just the superb veggies for sale. I just had to take a photo (above) of the blanched dandelion leaves for sale. I didn't buy any, and I'm kicking myself now, I love to try new things. Has anyone eaten dandelion leaves? blanched or not?
Another delight always on sale in any French supermarket is what they call "Pot au Feu" a large bag full of vegetables in order to make soups, stocks and stews. Probably about 5 or 6 pounds of Winter vegetables along with a fresh bouquet garni. Nothing illustrates my idea of kitchen heaven in Winter as making a lovely thick vegetable soup!

Above picture was taken in a field in Lincolnshire yesterday. 3 guesses?
It's sugar beet. I visit relatives in Lincolnshire on a regular basis and always see trucks full of these going along the country roads this time of year. Sugar beet is a relative of the swede (I think Americans call them rutabaga?). Commercially grown to manufacture down and refine into sugar. Has anyone ever eaten one? How do you prepare them? are they edible? Can I grow one? where do I get seeds? Matron wants to know!