Matron is Back!

Matron is back from her trip to Seattle. Funny people those Americans! they even have drive-thru espresso huts. What a brilliant idea for tired drivers. As you can see from the sign, I took advantage of the 'Special Sticky Bun Latte' 16oz. Doesn't taste remotely like coffee, more like a sickly sweet milkshake.

Buddy was thrilled to see me back! He was trembling all over, and gave my glasses a good clean in the process.
Whilst in the Western part of Washington State, it was my extreme pleasure to make contact with a fellow garden blogger Petunia. We met up and I was able to have a look at her pumpkin patch. Here we are together admiring one of her spectacular pumpkins, Rouge vif d'Etamps. Generously, and in time-honoured gardening tradition - she gave me some seeds to plant in my garden next year. Thank you. By the way, she looks nothing like the picture on her profile!