The Fruits of my Toil

OK, OK so Matron doesn't do flowers.... but here is one very rare exception to the rule. You see, a friend gave me the seedlings and he wouldn't take no for an answer... so as not to avoid hurting his feelings... I grew them. 8ft tall and still growing - beautiful aren't they?
Here is Fort Knox, Stalag Luft Hillingdon, Colditz.. whatever you call it here is my latest construction to keep the pests off my broccoli. Let the battle begin!
Above is an Acorn Squash - Table Queen.
And here is a squash Delicata - which I understand is also known as a sweet potato squash.
These are a bush tomato I am growing in a hanging basket - variety Garden Pearl.
Just a couple of snaps to illustrate some of the watering problems that exist.. above has split due to overwatering.
And here is a classic case of blossom end rot.. due to erratic or underwatering when the tomato was small. I think I have had some blockage problems in the tubing in my automatic watering system in the greenhouse. I have just undone it all, flushed it through, cleaned it and put it together again. Lets see what happens.