Chicken Poo!

I have found out the answer to my question about New Zealand Spinach. Those funny looking dragon-winged seeds were multigerm seeds, and as you can see here each of the seeds has produced a handful of seedlings. The texture of the seed leaves is quite obviously a succulent, thick leaf. I have read that they really prefer warm conditions so I won't plant them out just yet. I've also planted out my bunches of Spring Onions White Lisbon. I sowed a group of seeds in a tiny module and my intention is to grow them, and then pick them in bunches.
Several days ago I took a chance with my Sub-Arctic Plenty tomato plants. I planted two of them outdoors in the soil with a precautionary cloche nearby. If this plant was developed to feed US Troops living in Greenland then it should stand a fair chance in Hillingdon!
Meanwhile in the greenhouse among all the other hundreds of seedlings are my Mexican tomatillos. Pricked out individually these will grow into fairly large (2ft tall) bushes laden with tomatillos.
Finally, I am collecting chicken poo! This is a very strong nitrogen fertilizer and I don't want it to go to waste. I was wondering what would be best to do with it.
A. disolve it in a bucket of water and use as a dilute liquid nitrogen feed.
B. just mix it with a new load of compost, grass clippings and horse manure.
What do you think?