What's in Your Hungry Gap?

This time of year is what vegetable gardeners call 'The Hungry Gap'. Most of your Winter crops have gone, your leeks, parsnips and other root crops, and the Spring sowings have not yet reached maturity. This is the one part of the growing year that I try to plan for. I went out onto the patch today to see what I could find. This spinach I planted last year as a catch crop and ground cover underneath my tomatoes. It has lasted through the Winter and has put on a fantastic growth spurt. Another wonderful thing is that Buddy loves spinach! He gets a spoonful of cooked spinach with his evening meal!
Rhubarb this year is going to be amazing! This is just running away at the moment, best to be eaten this time of year while it is fresh. A little later in the Summer I find it gets more acid and a bit tougher.
The very early broccoli 'Rudolph' has all finished now, but the maincrop broccoli is still going. Cut a spear in the morning then the next day two will have taken it's place. It reminds me of the Disney film Fantasia where Mickey Mouse is the sorcerer's apprentice and breaks his broom in half in order to do twice the work!
Just like the spinach, this 'Ruby Chard' was planted last Summer, I need to weed and feed it and it will be coming into its best in the next couple of weeks. I bought this seed in Poland last year, it is completely hardy and tastes wonderful.
So pleased to tell you that I just have 5 Bramley Apples left in storage. What a great success story. I am going to make an apple pie this weekend. Not just any old apple pie, but 'Debbie's Mom's Apple Pie'.. on my recent visit to the USA we swapped state secrets! I gave her the recipe for 'Spotted Dick'..a British National institution. A fair swap?
Finally, let me show you my Birthday prezzie. Posted to me via a great company Plants4Presents , this pineapple plant arrived at my front door. I hope to be able to keep it warm enough and this may grow into something edible. I do have a couple of small pineapple plants from the Azores, which I managed to keep through the Winter but they do not have flowers yet.
What's in your hungry gap? Tell Matron.