From All Corners of the Globe

My greenhouse is full of wonderful veggie plants from all over the world at the moment. Tomatoes from the Azores and from Canada, beans and squashes from the USA, Dog beans from Portugal, Crimean black tomatoes... and just this week a prezzie from my friend Stan who has just come back from New Zealand - some Whangaparaoa Crown pumpkins! This is a very popular native variety from Whangaparaoa bay and has been bred to also be called Crown Prince. I just love these grey skinned pumpkins which are good Winter storage pumpkins and they have a high percentage of dry matter in the orange flesh which make them fantastic for baking. My New Zealand spinach is doing well in the greenhouse. I pricked them out today to give them a little more growth room before I plant them outside in a few weeks' time. The leaves are really succulent.

Back to blighty for a moment (Happy St.George's Day everyone!). A week ago I pinched off a dozen or so leaf tips from my purple sage bush. This bush is well over 20 years old and is getting woody and needs replacing. Blow me down with a feather if all dozen cuttings have taken off with gusto and will be ready for re-potting soon. I should think I could safely replace the old plant in a few weeks.

And now on to Bulgaria! Couldn't resist these Bulgarian Giant Leeks when I saw them in the Marshalls catalogue this past Winter. The blanch stem of these leeks is upwards of 3 feet tall - I just had to try them!... Currently about 3mm tall, but growing.