Buddy Update

Thank you all for your kind comments and wishes for Buddy.On the first day after the stroke I really didn't know if we'd have him much longer. He was unable to stand and his eyes were rolling and twitching, he would not eat or drink. We fed him through a syringe and for the next few days he took chicken stock and pureed chicken and brussels sprouts! A few days later he took small pieces of roast chicken, and I managed to hide a few pieces of veggies underneath (like getting a small child to eat their veggies!). Day by day he has gained his balance and his appetite.
Pleased to say he is now almost back to normal! A little bit unsteady when he turns a corner too quickly or when he shakes the snow off his face! He's not that keen on eating dog food any more!! I suppose he has been hand fed the best of everything for the past couple of weeks, so it's worth stringing us along a bit longer to see if I will play along! Cheeky boy!
Thank you again for all your best wishes!