Digging for Victory!

It's time once again to play 'tourist in my own town' I work a half day once every 5 weeks so I take advantage of being in a wonderful city.Big Ben actually refers to the bell which strikes the hour up in the clock tower and not the tower itself.
The Household Cavalry stand guard at Horseguards in Whitehall.
One of my most favourite artists is Edwin Landseer who designed these four lions which guard Nelsons Column in Trafalgar Square.
It has been so cold in Britain these past few weeks that the famous fountain in TSquare has frozen over!
I had always wanted to visit the Cabinet War Rooms - so I did! Churchill's wartime bunker during World War 2. From here deep under the seat of Government his War Cabinet sat and commanded the allied forces. I found out today that there was a state of the art, top secret phone line from the Prime Minister to the President of the United States. This secret telephone room was in a broom cupboard in the basement of Selfridges store in Oxford Street!
Whilst in the bookshop I couldn't help digging out a few historical books and postcards.
Dig for Victory!