Competition Winner!

It has been heartwarming reading through all these comments! Just so wonderful that so many people are encouraging biodiversity in their gardens in so many different ways - and taking pleasure from it! If you enjoy it, you continue. So many fabuous entries, a couple were carried away in the excitement and strayed well over the 100 word rule, and I am now left wondering what a 'six hole, three compartment sparrow villa' looks like!

After some deliberation I have chosen Celia, Magic Cochin from Purple Podded Peas as the winner! Well Done!

"A newt doesn't just need water - it needs bugs to feed on; a water forget-me-not leaf to fold around its egg; and logs and stones to hide under in the winter.

So here's my pact;

No weed killers and pesticides;

Nectar rich flowering plants;

A half buried log pile and bundles of dry hollow stems;

Seed-heads left on the plants through the winter;

A small pond surrounded by log piles and a bog garden;

Wild-flowers mingling in the borders and lawn.

And the wildlife has moved in.. hundreds of inter-connected life-cycles;

We're relying on each other to Thrive"

For me, this was the entry that was not just a long list of achievements, it was beautifully written, and it managed to link together a series of different things that are all essential for a successful outcome. We need to restore a delicate balance of both fauna and flora in order to increase biodiversity in our gardens. "Hundreds of inter-connected life-cycles; we're relying on each other to thrive" Excellent!