Taking Tomato Cuttings

Just three of my tomato plants were safe in the greenhouse when all the rest were badly frosted a couple of weeks ago. You can see here there are some nice side shoots which I have left to take as cuttings. I don't want to leave them to get too much bigger because that will sap the strength from the parent plant.
So as gently as possible, and trying to avoid the delicate hairs on the stem I broke them off at the base.
Taking off any larger leaves which will stress the seedling, dibbed a hole in some potting compost and planted them as deep as they would go. The new roots will grow from the base and from the hairs on the stem, so I want them to get as good a start in life as I can.
They might sulk for a couple of days, but some bottom heat and a moist atmosphere out of direct sunlight will get them on their way.
Meanwhile back on the pea patch.. by pinching out the lead shoot several weeks ago, each one of these salmon flowered peas has developed 4 or 5 different stems. This is an old variety of pea which can reach 7ft in height with the flowers and pods forming at the top. I am growing them up an ornamental rose arch.
My curcurbits are realy putting on a growth spurt at the moment, following our recent hot, sunny weather. This is one of my Soleil yellow courgettes I am growing in a black dustbin.
Climbing bean Lazy Housewife here were outgrowing their nursery pot so I planted these out up a wigwam this week too.
Courgette Defender is one of my regular, stalwart varieties. Prolific cropping and resistant to the cucumber mosaic virus, it does well for me here.