People who enjoy gardening have to learn patience. If you sow a seed, sometimes you have to wait nearly a year before you reap the rewards. If you make a mistake (like leaving your tomatoes out on a frosty night..) you will have to wait a year and remember not to do it next time, meanwhile you live with your mistakes and attempt recovery. We've had a few warm days since last Tuesday and some of my frosted tomatoes have developed clear side shoots. I have snipped off the dead foliage and now I wait to see what I have left. One suggestion on previous comments suggested planting more seed. Hmmm I think it might be a bit late, however with this length of daylight they might catch up eventually. I might plant a few and see what happens.
Meanwhile back to the plot. Strawberries...straw + berries. It looks like I have a good crop of strawberries developing this year, so I have laid straw underneath the plants for the berries to rest and stay dry.
Several sweetcorn plants have miraculously survived the frost, I think there might even be a chance that the stalk stumps are still green and despite losing all the green leaves they might produce new leaves. I have them waiting in the greenhouse to see if they are still growing, but I have planted a new tray of sweetcorn seed just in case they don't recover.
I planted this lemongrass from seed earlier this Spring, it is growing well in a pot in the greenhouse!
The PSB Purple Sprouting Broccoli is just coming to an end, here is one of the last pickings of the purple sprouts. I have left one whole plant in the corner of the patch to go to flower to attract the bees. Bees just love PSB flowers, they are all over it!
My gooseberry is also starting to come to life. Gooseberries are hidden underneath the branches. It looks as if you have nothing, then if you gently lift a branch you will see these little gems hiding underneath.
Finally, I thought I would share my garden plan with you. Nothing technical, no excel spreadsheet, no technology.... just some pencil scrawls on the back of an envelope!