Super Markets

Blog readers will know that wherever I travel in the world I just LOVE to visit local markets. So full of colour, taste and local traditions - well Leeds City Market is no exception. I went up to Yorkshire yesterday for a quick visit, Leeds market is unmissable.
There is a stall or a shop for absolutely everything under the sun!
And Leeds market was the venue for one very special stall. Back in 1884 Mr Marks and Mr Spencer set up their first 'Penny Bazaar' This green clock in the centre of the old part of the market was erected to celebrate their centenary.
And I wonder if it is a coincidence that in this old part of the market, this shop sells pants! Everyone needs them, they come in all sizes, what a brilliant shop!
The elderly among you may well remember the Leeds City Varieties theatre. This was the home of the long running BBC TV Series 'The Good Old Days'
Meanwhile back to the market. Still a great Northern tradition here in the UK, tripe used to be a delicacy years ago. Now it is rarely seen. I pride myself in being open minded about food, and I know that tastes change, but each time I try a piece... it squeaks between my teeth and I gag! No thanks.
One of the highlights of this market is the famous Butchers Hall. One long, indoor cobbled street inside the market houses rows of Butchers' shops. Family businesses that have been handed down through the generations. For me this is the difference between a supermarket and a Super Market. This is the latter. Properly hung and butchered meat in traditional cuts.
You just can't get better!