Vive La France!

I travelled to Calais this week to do a little bit of supermarket shopping before the Christmas rush. Their selection of supermarket veggies is just stunning when you compare it to the tasteless rubbish we put up with in the UK. Just look at these lovely leeks, just as nature intended. All we can get in supermarkets are long white sticks sealed up in sweaty plastic bags!
And these globe artichokes just looked and felt so fresh and full of life that I bought a couple home to eat. Matron just steamed them and ate them with nothing on......
And which high street supermarket in the UK could boast such a display of properly ripe tomatoes? none!
And the most famous of of French 'institutions vegetale' the Pot au Feu. A big bag of seasonal veggies to make the basis of all soups, stocks and stews. C'est Fantastique!