Pumpkin Pie

 So here is the last of my Queensland Blue squash.  Sieved and drained overnight to allow excess moisture to drip out.
 I have used the same recipe which was cut out of a newspaper about 40 years ago!  You can tell how old it is because the liquid measurements in the recipe are for gills.  One gill = about 5oz.  I like to think of it as the size of a single yoghurt pot.
 The mixture does look really thin and watery, but if you put enough eggs in, and my own secret ingredient of a desert spoon of flour to give it a better texture when cooked.
 Then you end up with a pumpkin pie!  It's still cooling so will be eaten tomorrow.
Meanwhile on the veg patch, the sun was shining today for the first time in weeks.  I went to the greenhouse (actually I waded) and planted my precious Paton Twins Giant Pumpkin.  Special seed from a UK award winning giant pumpkin of over 1200 pounds!  I'm preparing a special pumpkin bed as we speak.  Take your marks, get set..... go!