Much needed rain

It's been raining on and off for about 6 days now. The weeds are loving it! So too are all my lovely veggies. I did have some reservations when I planted out my tomatoes and cucumbers last week, thinking it would be too early, but they seem to be loving it.

This year I am growing a "tomato hedge". An idea I adapted from something I saw at the model vegetable garden at Wisley last year. Basically it is a wire framework similar to that you would grow raspberries along. I am trying lots of different tomato varieties this year. I bought a packet of the new variety "Harlequin" - as per the front of the T&M catalogue. Those 6 tiny seeds cost me £2.99. Hope they are worth it.

I planted out my pumpkin "Atlantic Giant" yesterday, dug a big hole and tipped in 2 bags of compost. Going for size this year rather than flavour - for a change.

Trying some new beetroot this year, a free packet from Kitchen Garden magazine called "Choggia" - apparently they are pink and white striped... wait and see.

Aubergines are large plants now. Sowed the seed in a heated propagator in January - well worth the extra effort to plant early , they have done well.

Also trying the Gardeners World chilli trial this year. I have "Joes Long" and "Numex Twilight". Germination was variable, and they are terribly small, and reluctant to flourish. I think because we had to plant them with Monty at the beginning of the new series, they were sown later than I would like. Awaits update.

I've found a new source of well rotted horse manure - what a thrill!