Welcome to my first blog!... The purpose of this blog is to share the day to day happenings down on the allotment. If you are interested in an intimate account of the progress of my compost heap, or my wormery, then you are at the right place.

How tall are my broad beans today? Have my French beans germinated yet? How long will it take to harden off my pumpkins?

Whenever I meet a fellow gardener it is such a joy to compare experiences of growing veggies!. If you are wanting flowers... then you are in the wrong blog!.. for as I say "YOU CAN'T EAT FLOWERS!". (well technically I know all the guff about chive flowers and nasturtiums..blah blah)

There may also be various updates on my latest holiday, probably in terms of how worried I am that the garden will be OK when I get back..

This is all very new to me.