Thinning out!

I hate thinning out seedlings! You are supposed to sow thinly, but it is never thin enough. I hate to pick out strong healthy little plants and toss them aside. On more than one occasion I have planted them up elsewhere - though they seldom thrive. I planted my parsnips 4 to a hole , as instructed on the packet, parsnips are notoriously hard to germinate, this usually takes up to 6 weeks. ALL my parsnip seeds have germinated this year and I am going to have to terminate the short lives of 75% of my poor little seedlings. It is better to do it with a small pair of nail scissors as this prevents disturbing the root of the one you have chosen to live a long and healthy life.

I am just pulling up the last of my Swiss chard "Bright Lights". I grew it for the first time last year, and it is superb. An excellent substitute for spinach and completely frost tolerant. The plants I sowed last spring lasted all through the Winter and the last 6 weeks they have been completely wonderful, providing me with fresh green veggies. Highly recommended.