A Prezzie from the Postman!

Thrill of thrills! This January found me eagerly thumbing through seed catalogues with as much enjoyment and anticipation as any other person might get from a bestseller. I fancied the idea of trying something new this year and ordered some sweet potato slips from the T&M catalogue. They arrived today!

Have prepared the ground a few weeks ago, lots of horse manure and compost, then 2 layers of black plastic over the soil to warm it up. The slips arrived with instructions to pot them up for about 3 weeks prior to planting out. They are about 8 inches of green stalk, with a couple of leaves on the top and a few hairy roots at the end. They are apparently related to bindweed (convullaria) and have similar leaves and flowers. That being the case then they should thrive in my garden as does their pesky cousin!!

I have seen them growing in Madeira and in Mississippi, they look like they ramble all over the place like pumpkins. Does anyone have experience?