Bob Says...

All Hail Saint Bob! The blessed Bob hath spoken - praise be to Bob!

I am talking of course, about Bob Flowerdew on Gardeners Question Time (GQT) today. He comes up with the most wonderful suggestions in the 'topical tips'. Well.... Bob Says.... if you find any of your potatoes in storage have sprouted shoots, you can take cuttings and plant them up to make little plants which can eventually be planted out along with the seed potatoes. I remember seeing potato 'slips' in an American gardening catalog - they send out little cones of potatoes which have an 'eye' these are planted up like slips and it is common to buy potatoes in the USA this way.

I think these photographed are either 'cara' or 'marfona' which should be OK. I have already ordered my seed potatoes, but I'll give this a whirl. Thanks Bob.

(PS. if you search Google image you can find a picture of a naked Bob covered only by a fig leaf - down girl!) Posted by Picasa