Greenhouse Heating - Update

Blog readers may recognize this photo as my 'straw bale urinal'. This is an old fashioned method of heating greenhouses - do I have to explain? Well, I'm afraid, after some careful thought it has been terminated. It is no longer.

Well, not only was it not terriby comfy (I'll leave that one to your imagination) I was not the only visitor. My dog Buddy decided to give it his seal of approval.... along with all the neighbourhood foxes and tomcats !!! The stench was unbearable - so my no-dig garden has a lovely new layer of mulch till the Spring.

So, from now on - my plentiful supply of re-cycled tea, coffee, latte, cappuccino, beer and cider...(you get my drift) will be re-directed and re-cycled in the vicinity of the compost heap. Posted by Picasa