French Potato Varieties

I went to Borough Market yesterday. Anyone who lives near london must give it a visit one day - it really is a foodie (and veggie) heaven! Situated underneath Southwark cathedral, near London Bridge station. Any sort of fresh fruit and veggies you will find there. Don't have anything to eat before you go, there are lots of freebies - cheeses, sausages, olives, choccies, cakes from all round the world.

There was a fantastic display of potato varieties in the veggie market. This variety was labelled as 'Black Truffle' from Brittany, France. After some research on the internet this afternoon I discovered the world of French potato growing and cultivating. Those clever Froggies have literally hundreds of potato varieties to choose from. These are known as the variety 'Vitelotte'. I noticed that they had just started to chit (that means sprout, Porl !) so I thought I would buy some to plant. I wonder if they are related to Char-lotte??

Just thought I would also mention here, that I have given up visiting major supermarkets for Lent. I detest the way that supermarkets are raping the countryside, destroying our old tasty English varieties and screwing the British farmers, all for the sake of their own profits - and not the customers. I will be patronising every farmers market and local shop from now until Easter. Anyone care to join me?