Broad Beans

I never seem to be able to pull my finger out in time to plant broad beans in the Autumn. Having said that, I don't think there is much difference with those planted in Spring - they always seem to catch up eventually when the days get longer. I planted these 'Express' in the greenhouse just 2 weeks ago, yesterday I left them outside to harden up a bit. We've had some bright sunny days this week and the temperatures in the greenhouse have been way up.

Blog readers may remember that I have given up shopping in supermarkets for Lent. I consider them a necessary evil. I have been buying fruit and veg from market stalls, and local shops. It's really tempting to go and buy quick ready meals when I am starving hungry and there is nothing at home. Still - I have a few leeks left on the allotment, and the Swiss chard is starting to come to life again. Roll on Spring!