Pickling cucumbers

This year I am planning to grow ridge cucumbers of various varieties. Whilst in the USA right now I am trying to find some packets of a wonderful spice mix which was labelled something like 'Kosher Dill Pickle mix'. Essentially it was a sachet containing salt, sugar, spices and dill which you just boil up with water to make that wonderful pickling liquid you buy in the UK with jars of gherkins.

Pickling, canning or preserving is a really big part of American home life. In fact, there is more interest generally in home pursuits. Most big supermarket chains have ample supplies of Kern or Mason jars - what I knew as Kilner jars when I was growing up. My host has given me some jars of her own zucchini (courgette) chutney. mmmmm!

I have bought so many goodies here in the US, I am now struggling to make the British Airways 51pound suitcase weight limit.

PS. I have also bought an antique spitoon !