A couple of weeks ago I brought my strawberries into the greenhouse in the hopes of having an early crop. These are 2 year old runners which I planted up in a growbag. Last year I did not permit them to bear any fruit, thus enabling them to put all their energy into building up crowns for future years' crops.

This time of year, or earlier, all they need is a high potash feed and to stop watering. Strawberries have a very fine root system which is vulnerable to over-watering. Strawberries have two different sets of leaves which have two different purposes. The leaves this time of year are to feed the production of flowers and fruits. Once the plant has finished fruiting in June or July, shave off all these first set of leaves completely. The second set of leaves which will grow through the Summer and Autumn will feed the crown to produce these new leaves in Spring.

A difficulty I have experienced with this grow-bag cultivation is that the plastic on the growbag has deteriorated to such an extent, that after only 2 years it is much too brittle to pick up and handle, hands (and paws) just go straight through it.