Golden Jubilee tomato

Here is a packet of tomato seeds sent to me last week for my Birthday. I looked them up on google, they appear to be an American variety and claim to have higher levels of Vitamin C and A than other varieties. Although it is a bit late to be planting seeds, I put a few in a heated propagator in the greenhouse in the hope that they will catch up with the others and I will find out for myself.
Today I sowed 10 varieties of climbing beans for my 'Bean hedge'. I have tried to choose beans of different colours, shapes, and cropping times. The ones I have chosen are:
Lima bean - from the USA
Purple hyacinth bean - from the USA (extremely poisonous but pretty!)
Blauhilde - purple French bean
Eden - Italian green flat bean
Goldfield - yellow flat bean
Desiree - white flowered runner bean
Sunset - salmon flowered runner bean
Lady Di - red flowered runner bean
Enorma - my old favourite runner bean
Blue Lake - reliable green French bean