My Magic Broccoli

It is truly magic! About 3 weeks ago I decided that I had had the very best from my wonderful broccoli, and I completely stripped the plants of every single purple floret. I badly needed the space to plant my Spring veggies.

3 days later it was like I had never been there. All the plants were completely loaded with fresh new florets, and with help, we stripped the plant bare of what would surely be the last of this wonderful, wonderful gourmet treat.

2 days later, it's groundhog day.... and so on. I must pick about a pound of purple sprouting broccoli about every 2nd or 3rd day. Steamed broccoli, broccoli quiche, chilled stilton and broccoli soup, more steamed broccoli. Ladies and Gentlemen I am as regular as clockwork thank you very much. I really do need the space to plant my parsnips but it keeps coming. What a wonderful dilemma. Note to self.. all the months of hard work last year batting off caterpillars, butterflies, slugs, snails and puppydogs tails... it was all worth it.