Winter lettuce

The best of my Winter lettuces by far was 'Valdor'. Only a few weeks ago it was 6 inches deep in snow, and now I have some lovely butterhead lettuce which have really started to 'heart up' - by this I mean that juvenile lettuce are just outer leaves, and as it approaches maturity the middle starts to expand and form a heart. The others were 'Winter density' and my Norwegian 'American Brown'. The latter two did much better as late Summer Autumn lettuce.

Today my thermometer read 74 degrees, I took the opportunity to plant a couple of rows of carrots. I planted some 'resistafly' - apparently resistant to the dreaded carrot root fly , and some 'Early Nantes'. I was extremely disappointed in the number of seeds in both packets - shame on you my old friend Thompson and Morgan ! In each packet there was only enough for about a 8 foot row. I filled the row with 'Adelaide' which holds the RHS award of garden merit or AGM.

I picked two more asparagus shoots today - I ate them 'still squealing' mmmm