Mini Leeks

I am so pleased with these 'mini leeks' which I planted last Summer. I think these were a giveaway from the wonderful Kitchen Garden magazine. They are totally maintenance free, I did not have to thin out. They have a wonderful flavour and are very tender, not tough at all. I will certainly grow them again this year. An excellent veggie to fill 'the hungry gap'.

Today is Easter Sunday, I picked another load of PSB and a handful of mini leeks, and had a roast Sunday lunch with a free range, organic chicken which I purchased from a chicken farm! Blog readers may remember that I have given up supermarkets for Lent. I really hate the way that major supermarkets are raping our lovely English countryside, and putting small farmers out of business for their own profits, and NOT for the customers' convenience. Can I implore blog readers to please read the labels on your supermarket veggies - do you really need to buy stuff which was grown in Kenya, Israel or the Gambia?