Making Medlar Jelly

I found a medlar tree a while back in the Summer, I have been looking forward to the opportunity of making medlar jelly for the first time. History has recorded that the medlar has been given the nickname of 'dogs bottom' because of the appearance of the flower end of the fruit!Medlars are an unusual fruit, the tree is related to a rose, and I suppose these might be described as looking rather like giant rosehips. The medlars have to be 'bletted' before they are ready to use. This means to over ripen, and even to soften with frost until the insides are soft and brown.
I just cut each one in half and covered a panful with some water and the juice and rind of a lemon. Acid is needed to help the pectin set. Bring to the boil until soft. I think I would describe the taste as sort of apple like, some vanilla, but some acid. Rather like tamarind taste. They are rich in pectin, so make an easy jelly.
Strained the cooked medlars through a jelly bag and left overnight to drain. One pound of sugar was added to one pint of medlar juice (just the same as crabapple jelly). It doesn't take much cooking at all. Matron has a strange sense of humour, so the jars were labelled as below!
What a glorious colour!