Matron's New Camera

I can see more clearly now!
Father Christmas gave Matron a new Sony HX7V 16.2 mp camera. It will take me a year to find out all the gadgets and gizmos therein. All I want really is to point and squirt.. it even has a GPS tracking device!! what on earth.....?
Anyway, the close up macro focus is excellent. What a marvel of nature is this Cavalo Nero leaf!
I like to leave flowers to go to seed during Winter. These are my garlic chives. Beautiful white flower heads that the bees adore. Perhaps the birds will enjoy these seeds too.
Crab apples are hanging on in there! I resisted the temptation to pick them, they brighten up the garden and the birds may need them more than I do!
Still a few Brussels Sprouts left over, I hasten to add that I didn't grow these! These are from a farm shop near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire - the heart of Brussels Sprout country! I just love them so much I just enjoy eating them with nothing on!!... oooh Matron!