Matron's Tropical Treats

While you are all contemplating on which veggie photos to send for my Christmas Veggie Blog, Matron had a short trip away on the island of Madeira. Have you ever wondered how 'Dragon Fruit' grow? I had seen them in supermarkets but had no idea they grew on the side of a cactus!
I remember Prickly Pears from holidays in Portugal as a child. These lovely fruit are sweet and tasty once you have handled them with kid gloves!
Coffee Beans? I have a few small coffee plants on windowsills at home, I doubt they will produce fruit but I will give it a go.
The capital of Madeira is Funchal - which is named from the word 'Funcho' which is the Portugese name for Fennel. This grows everywhere on the island.
I was interested to see that these Tromba D'Albegna Squash are cut and eaten like courgettes, very small. Last year I grew these Trombone squash and left them till they were 2 or 3 feet long like butternut squash. Versatile.
Pomegranate bushes are nothing special to look like, but the red flowers and fruit are spectacular to look at.
Did you know that Avocados also come in pink? I didn't!
And while in the tropical gardens in Funchal, I came across a Macademia Nut Tree! An enormous evergreen tree like a laurel. I had no idea how they grew. Now I know!