A Winter trip to Wisley

I went to RHS Wisley yesterday. Needed an excuse to try out my new camera. A trip to the model vegetable garden is always on the itinerary, I always pick up new ideas and tips.
Some of these pumpkins and squashes are stored in the shed on site, very decorative!
The broad beans are looking amazing. This variety Aquadulce is one of my favourites and here they are in the greenhouse. Haven't planted mine yet, must get a move on.
One of the lesser known veggies here is Salsify. I have grown salsify a few years ago but with many root vegetables, my soil is too stoney and roots always fork. If you do get a chance to grow them, certainly give them a go. The taste is a wonderful cross between a parsnip and a Jerusalem artichoke.
In the greenhouse at Wisley there is a stunning display of Winter flowers. This orange tree caught my attention.
In the steamy tropical zone this cocoa pod was just amazing. Sadly my new super dooper, all singing and dancing new camera doesn't have an 'anti steaming up the lens function' now that would be really useful.
I was so excited to see Japanese horseradish 'Wasabi' growing in a pot in the model vegetable garden. I have never seen this growing before, I would just love to get my hands on some. Has anyone seen it growing? Does anyone know where I can get some?
December? snowdrops? is it Spring yet?