Broad Beanz

My Broad Beans are just coming to full production at the moment. This year I planted Bunyards Exhibition, a variety I have not tried before. They appear to be smaller pods but slightly more prolific than Aquadulce Claudia that I usually grow. I think they have also taken longer to mature. Perhaps I will try a mixture of the two varieties next year.

Just another reminder please that I would love you to send me a photo of any trugful of beautiful veggies from your plot and I will feature them in my forthcoming Matron's TRUGBLOG which I hope to post at the end of the month (or whenever my first ripe tomato is ready!) Please email me your pictures
Thought I would also share some unusual wispy clouds hovering over Hillingdon last weekend.

If my memory serves me correctly... are these cirrus? clouds? I'm sure someone will put me straight!