Elderflower Cordial

There is just so short a season for elderflowers that if you want to make yourself some heavenly elderflower cordial you should act now. This is just one of the most wonderful Summer drinks you could imagine. Today I picked about a carrier bag full of flower heads and started to make some. A version of this recipe is described by Sophie Grigson and is the one I use.

Use scissors to snip of the flower heads. When you are home tip out the flowers on to a tray or a table outdoors and allow any insects to walk away! I usually dip the flower heads in a bowl of water for a moment just to get rid of dust and pollen. Snip off the large green stalks and put the flower heads in a non-metallic bowl. You will have some green stalks but that is fine. If you follow the recipe given, I usually separate the lemon juice until the mixture cools down. You might also experience difficulty in obtaining citric acid from a dispensing chemist. You can order it but the pharmacists may well tell you that they do not have any... er... this is an interesting topic. Pharmacists are very careful when it comes to selling citric acid because although to you and me it is a kitchen ingredient, to some people it can be used for nefarious purposes and it would be wise to mention to the pharmacist that you are making some home-made lemonade and you may well get more success that way!