Red Spider Mite Control

Following the recent purchase of some nematode worms to combat slugs in the garden, I have just purchased some Phytoseiulus from Defenders to help control the inevitable infestation of red spider mite each year in my greenhouse.
Red spider mite are tiny little sandy coloured mites that crawl all over your leaves and spoil and eventually kill leaves or leaves them a discoloured sandy colour. The phytoseiulus bugs are contained in this vial of vermiculite, and once arrived in the post they should be deployed immediately. Their eggs hatch and their larvae devour red spider mite. That is the theory!
I've not tried it before but seems like a good idea as I have had bad problems with red spider mite in the past.
Meanwhile elsewhere in the garden the strawberries are just fantastic at the moment. That top dressing of wood ash in the early Spring has really made the difference.
And look! my first little pumpkin. These are a beautiful heritage variety Rouge Vif D'Etamps, fingers crossed for some hot weather now to get them going. They are trailing well and I have been foliar feeding with diluted comfrey liquid.
Speaking of the need for heat.. here are my okra Clemsons spineless plants in the greenhouse. I am amazed they are still alive, but they just need a little boost of hot weather. Last time we had a few warm days they doubled in size, since then they have just existed.